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With the further deepening of China's opening up to the outside world, the national standard steel drum has been restricted in export packaging. In recent years, a number of steel drum enterprises in China have begun to improve the international universality of products. Among them, the faster development is ISO international standard steel drums, container special steel drums and conical open steel drums. The steel drum closure has been fully implemented internationally.

ISO international standard steel drums are mostly used for export packaging of chemical products. With a standard diameter of 571mm and a capacity of 42 gallons, this is the most promising steel drum product in China.

Special container steel drums, often called W steel drums in the industry, are improved by combining national standards and Italian standards, and are the transition products of national standard steel drums and international standard steel drums. The maximum diameter of the ring rib of this steel drum is smaller than that of the national standard steel drum, which not only saves the space occupied by the steel drum in the container transportation, but also strengthens the strength of the steel drum. The tapered open steel drum is completely produced by the Italian standard, which is mostly used for the packaging of food raw materials, and has been widely used in the western region of China, mainly for the export packaging of ketchup and jam. The main feature of this steel drum is that the empty drum transportation cost is low, it is easy to recycle and dispose of, and it occupies more reasonable space in container transportation. The structure and size of the closure of the closed steel drum have been fully adopted the international standard of the British closure, and the international universal transition has been fully realized.

The use of closed barrel: mainly used to fill liquid, its products are mainly chemicals, petrochemical, coatings. The advantages of closed iron drums are mainly divided into the following 6 points,

1, can be canned high temperature materials.

2, can also be canned and stored at low temperature.

3, not affected by ultraviolet light changes.

4, the iron drum is the ideal container for UV sensitive goods.

5, less leakage.

6, the common stacking method and strength, saving space for storage and transportation.

In the polishing process, it is necessary to pay attention to two stages, one is grinding and the other is light. When grinding, it is mainly to remove the irregular solder joints of the iron drum, and the light needs to be treated by a special process to make it have a mirror effect. We need to pay attention to the maintenance of the closed barrel purchased, the skill is: the need to first sprinkle the detergent or decontaminant powder on a soft cloth, dip in a little water, and then wipe, then clean with water, put it outdoors, dry naturally, can not put the stainless steel drum into a humid environment, can not touch the air, the drum will be corroded by moisture.


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